In this unspoiled area on top of a lush green mountain, homes are known by name because there's no street addresses. Mikarabee (pronounced mee-ca-rar-bee) as it is about us… the owners…. MI for Mitch (son), KA for Kay, RA for Rayner (daughter), BE for Bertie and E for Edwards – the family name …….

Mikarabee Villa.... All the comforts of home, amidst a tropical paradise.

Located just 5 minutes from Malvern in the parish of St Elizabeth, in the district of Elgin, Mikarabee Villa boasts the most incredible views of Jamaica’s south coast. Panoramic views stretch from Alligator Pond,  across to Treasure Beach, along to Black River and all the way to Savanna-la-Mar.

Elgin has a combination of old and new properties... great old plantation houses and smart new houses and villas. With a handful of ‘returning resident’s’, living alongside locals whose history makes for colourful stories, this harmonious community  offers a special place for anyone looking for a safe and welcoming place to live. Click here for some interesting facts and history about Elgin

The small town of Malvern has a variety of shops, a police station, a Post Office, a petrol station and a number of small restaurants.  The Malvern area boasts one of the world's healthiest climates, its air fresh and clean.  The Teachers Training College (Bethlehem Moravian) is located within Malvern.  A  five minute drive takes you to one of Jamaica’s most famous boys schools – Munro College and  equally as reputable girls school – Hampton School for Girls

Elgin has a privileged pivotal point. A 25 minute drive down one side of the mountain will find you in Treasure Beach, a string of sleepy fishing coves, bays and untouched beaches. The people of Treasure Beach are laid back and friendly, and there are plenty of good places to eat. For more information about Treasure Beach, click on the link.

Malvern Elgin...just 5 minutes from Malvern

Take a 20 minute drive down the other side of the mountain, heading inland, will take you into Santa Cruz. Home to approximately 4,000 people, this busy market town and lively “high street” is fantastic for picking up a bargain and doing all of your weekly shopping.

For more information about  St Elizabeth, click here -

A 25 minutes drive in another direction will find you in Black River, the capital town of St Elizabeth. Full of history and rich culture, it's an authentic market town and is home to various safari tour operators, and a destination for tourists wanting to experience an off the beaten track adventure.